Review: Parcels


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Our album of the week is Parcel’s self-titled debut.

The band have called their self produced first album “the truest representation of us, as people, as musicians and as a group”, which led them to title the record Parcels.

Though the group have been in a variety of bands together over the years, they say that Parcels is the first “real band” they’ve been in because being in the band was “inseparable” from the experience of living together.

The band have clearly taken time and worked hard to make this album a great success.


This feel-good indie explosion is the most exciting thing I’ve heard in a while. I wish it had come out a few months ago, as it would’ve 100% been my summer soundtrack. This album is easy-listening indie-disco-pop perfection. What makes it so exciting is the subtle unusual elements in each song- such as the record scratches in Comedown and their Earth, Wind and Fire-esque moments throughout.

There are so many genres of music coming through in this album which is so exciting- and refreshing. I’m going to label them as a disco-Blossoms and hope it takes off!

The album manages to feel new and modern whilst also sounding like something out of the 70s. They could easily fall into the same category as bands like The Magic Gang or the afore-mentioned Blossoms, yet they are so much more. Parcels could sit comfortably alongside Daft Punk or a number of 80’s pop bands.

Overall, this is a refreshing and exciting debut from Parcels. It is a very mature and established first album, as their sound is so purposeful and refined. I look forward to enjoying the album, and for what’s to come for the band!

By Luka Kenyon

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