Live: Superorganism at SWG3

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Superorganism (Credit: Domino Press)

In just over 6 months Superorganism have gone from being a small band on the BBC Introducing stage to topping the bill at well-established venues on their sell-out UK tour.

I saw the band performing at Glasgow’s SWG3 on Saturday and they blew my mind.

The band are in no way shy of gloriously theatrical openings, as they walked onstage with their heads down, brandishing triangles. As they marched out, the words “Buckle up” were projected onto the screen behind them.

The group’s lead vocalist, Orono Noguchi, had a masterful command over the audience, a feat made all the more impressive when you consider how young she is. At the mid point of the show Noguchi dismissed the other members of the band to go and “have a rest”. The audience was then transported under the sea as the lights went blue and the ambient sound of waves washed over us.

Alone on the stage, Noguchi spoke to the audience about how much she and the rest of the band loved Scotland. This moment was punctuated by the singer asking her “tour dad” if she was allowed to “chug a bottle of Irn Bru” that she had asked for earlier in the show.

As the gig drew to a close the band drew attention to the modern tradition of pretending to end a gig, with Noguchi saying they were going to play “just one more song”. Sure enough the band returned to the stage for a ‘surprise’ encore, to end the show with the epic Something For Your M.I.N.D. much to the audience’s delight, but not surprise…

By Owen Garner

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