Barbe Rousse: Glassroom Session No. 1

Barbe Rousse, which means ‘Ginger Beard’ in French, perform for the first ENRG Glassroom Session.

The band, originating from Edinburgh Napier University, describe their music as “self-indulgent psychedelic sounds and calculated chaos”, which is a perfect summation of what they are all about. Barbe Rousse are Alasdair Kelly, Thian Wehmeyer, Ben Watt and David Burns. Their mixture of folk, pop and a sometimes mystical sound, makes for a fantastic live performance.

In the first ever ‘ENRG Glassroom Session’ the band treat our audience to a blissful mix of tunes. Opening with Feel Blessed, the track was a perfect opportunity to showcase the three part harmonies of the band, with Alasdair’s vocals blending seamlessly with Thian Wehmeyer on Keyboard and Ben Watt on Bass. Their third song and latest single, Me and Your Mama, is the quintessetial Barbe Rousse sound – fun, funky, upbeat and unique. The band end on a beautifully hypnotic cover of Magic by Pilot. Thian effortlessly glides through the top notes making everyone in the audience feel like they were part of a warm hug.

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