Live: Hinds at The Caves

HINDS - Alberto Van Stokkum
Spanish four-piece Hinds (Credit: Alberto Van Stokkum)

Four-piece band Hinds, hailing from Madrid, played their second ever show in Edinburgh last night at the Caves. The garage rock band, made up by Carlotta Cosials, Ana Garcia Perrote, Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen, played at the atmospheric Caves and brought their spirited beach-wave sound with them.

Hinds brought along two support bands: Cheap Teeth, an post-punk Edinburgh band who have opened for the likes of Rat Boy, and Sports Team, who are accompanying Hinds on all dates of their European tour. Even during Sports Team’s half an hour set, Hinds gave a preview of what was to come, as they joined the crowd and threw themselves around the floor as the frontman of Sports Team, Alex Rice, sat on top of the speakers watching the crowd.

Finally it was time, Hinds entered, quickly picked up their instruments and went straight into The Club, one of the most popular singles off their second album I Don’t Run which was released earlier this year. Cosials and Perrote’s infectiously energetic shouting overpowered the backing instruments, as they swiftly moved into their next single Chili Town, a fan favourite taken from their 2016 debut album Leave Me Alone.

After a few songs, Cosials shushes the crowd (who quickly obey) as she personally addresses her mum who is stood up in the balcony of the 18th century venue. She then goes on to say that she experienced an epiphany whilst watching Sports Team and how happy she was to be here. After the brief interval, Perrote asked the crowd if they are ready to see some professional dancers, to which the crowd replied with a slightly confused scream and the band went into a cover of the Kevin Ayers song Caribbean Moon. During the chorus Perrote, Martin and Cosials perform a carefully choreographed dance of them swaying back and forth whilst waving their instruments in the air.

The Caves has a capacity of 500 people, so it was not a surprise that there was a lot of pushing and shoving. A constant swirl of a mosh pit circulates for the majority of the set which Hinds take full advantage of, as Perotte jumps into the middle of the crowd and Cosials clambers onto someone’s shoulders and awkwardly shouts the lyrics to the song Garden.

Once again, Cosials settles the crowd down to dedicate a song to the girls in the audience. “Girls this one’s for you”, she yells “I know there’s guys out there who are going to enjoy the song too, but this one’s for the girls.” The band then amicably start playing Tester, which by the second chorus has become a manic thrashing of fans. As soon as the song ends, the band put their instruments down and leave the stage, to which the crowd start shouting for more.

The band come storming back out to play three more songs as an encore and finish with the Thee Headcoats cover of Davey Crockett, which Hinds released in 2015 alongside one of their well-known influences, The Parrots.

At the end of the set Grimbergen leaps out from behind her drum kit and jumps straight into the crowd where she is tossed around by the adoring fans who made up the sold-out crowd at the Caves. Overall, a highly-charged setlist and the energetic personalities of Hinds complimented the compact and lavish venue and created a friendly, high energy night.

By Abbie Aitkin

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