Live: Aminé at SWG3

On one of the last stops of his tour in support of his 2018 album OnePointFive, Aminé played in Scotland for the first time ever at SWG3 in Glasgow and brought his high energy rap with him.

Since his breakout single Caroline was released in 2016, Aminé has began to make a name for himself working with rap powerhouses like Offset and also featuring up and coming rappers like Rico Nasty. His latest album OnePointFive was released last August and gained him immense attention amongst critics and has since gone onto feature on the Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse soundtrack with the song Invisible.

Aminé’s set began with his DJ playing a carefully selected bunch of tracks that set the mood for the show. These tracks switched from Jackson 5 to Kendrick Lamar and every song in between. The last song to be played was Self Control, taken from Frank Oceans’ album Blonde, which made me the most emotional I’ve ever been before a set has even began!

The lights dimmed and a screen at the back of the stage features a video of vine star Rickey Thompson, a regular in Aminé’s videos who also introduces many songs on the OnePointFive album. The video shows Thompson in his living room acting as a hype man before the intro of Dr Whoever begins. Aminé walks on stage and everyone’s phones go up, instead of telling the crowd to put their phones away, Aminé embraces them and shouts for the audience to put their flashlights on. He then goes straight into Dr Whoever, using the audience as a therapist to unload his feelings, performing the emotionally charged track that discusses suicide.

Following the first track, Aminé explains to the crowd that when he shouts “You’re beautiful” the crowd should respond with “I know”, which he proceeds to do throughout the duration of the show, creating an unexpected sense of self-love that matches well with the rapper’s hopeless romantic attitude.

The rest of the set consisted of a combination of tracks from OnePointFive, plus a mixture of songs from Aminé’s debut album Good For You, which the audience seemed to react more to. Tracks such as Spice Girl and Wedding Crashers sent the crowd into a frenzy, as Aminé bounced around the stage.

Once again the rapper stopped the concert to tell the crowd that he had been wearing the same trousers every night on tour and had asked someone from the audience to go onstage and write their name and their dreams on the trousers, a sort of disgusting yet sweet sentiment. The girl chosen jumped on stage and as she was writing on the trousers, Aminé continued to shout at the audience “you’re beautiful”, to which the audience screamed back “I know”.

Probably the most striking part of the whole performance was the background visuals. Each track had different images in the background, whether it was Rickey Thompson dancing in his living room, clips from School of Rock or a blank orange screen with the phrase ‘lover boy’ and an arrow pointing at where Aminé was standing. The use of colour and animation exemplified the rappers energy that diffused into the crowd.

Aminé knew how to use the stage to his advantage and,  compared to some of the other venues he had played on his European tour, the SWG3 stage was small. Instead of just performing to the middle section of the crowd he ran back and forth standing on the outer ledge of the stage to try and interact with the audience more, even though most of him was covered by smoke that never seemed to fade.

Aminé finished the set with Reel it In, where he called for the crowd to open up a mosh pit. As soon as the song started the crowd ran into the middle of the room as Aminé continued to jump on stage, once again everyone had their phones out which was encouraged with a call for all the flashlights to be turned on.

Although the concert for me was extremely sweaty and uncomfortable, Aminé had an immense energy and created a highly charged and friendly atmosphere that paired well with his fast tempo and emotional lyrics.

By Abbie Aitken


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