Live: Holy Now at Leith Depot

Holy Now are an indie-pop four-piece from Sweden. (Credit: Pia Räty)

I came to this gig to interview Super Inuit but Holy Now are so great that I can’t resist the urge to write a review.

This band are so good that I manage to support my own bodyweight. I stop leaning against the wall trying to look like James Dean and stand up straight to be graced by their brilliance.

What a way to start a gig; the band, already on stage, just start playing. No messing around with awkward hellos, it’s just straight to business for these guys and the audience is instantly hooked.

It’s their first gig in Scotland and the band have already had to fight their way through the rain dragging guitar cases behind them but I am so glad that they did.

The bands songs have a familial ring to them, as if they are songs that I’ve always known. I keep catching myself singing back to songs that I’ve never heard before.

I’m slightly falling love with the way they count in to a song in Swedish which I first thought was a gimmick but turns out these guys are actually from Sweden. In perhaps the finest piece of audience involvement that I’ve seen the band gets the audience to count in the next song with them “ett, två, ett två tre fyra!”.

I want to know everything about this band. Who are they? (my new favourite band) Do they have an album out? (they do and its called Think I Need the Light and it’s bloody brilliant) Where and when can I next see them? (they’re playing at Indietracks on July 26th alongside Steeling Sheep, The Orielles and many more) And most importantly, why has their music not been in my life until now? (well I’m very glad that it is now and I hope that more people get to appreciate how amazing these guys are).

We’re told that band only have one record left to sell at the end but someone’s spilt beer all over it and it’s “in pretty bad shape”. However, this doesn’t seem to have put anyone off as a bidding war has started as the one remaining record looks to be in very high demand.

Now if you’ve had the misfortune of reading my last piece for Music and Arts or, even worse, if you know me in person then you’ll know how often I go to the toilet after I’ve had a drink. For this band however I am holding off and if that isn’t my highest seal of approval then I don’t know what is.

By Owen Garner

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