Live: The Internet at SWG3

Genre blending, soulful, and groovy; this is a band at the top of the game.

The Internet’s ascent to stardom has been a little under the radar, but their journey has produced four gorgeous albums, culminating in the stunning Hive Mind. Spawning from the boisterous hip hop collective Odd Future, and picking up guitarist and vocalist Steve Lacy on the way, The Internet are now the face of R&B and neo-soul.

Playing in the studio space at Glasgow’s SWG3, the crowd were treated to a collection of old and new, with frontwomen Syd seemingly delighted with the audiences response to the older tracks.

Starting as a side project back in 2011, with Syd the Kid, keyboardist Matt Martians, bassist Patrick Paige II and drummer Christopher Smith, with Steve Lacy joining in 2015 whilst producing their third album Ego Death.

The quintet mesmerised the crowd from song to song, beginning with Syd’s call of “Lets dance!” the band launched into Come Together – the crowd immediately in a trance thanks to her seductive vocals. I shouldn’t have been surprised with the audiences enthusiasm towards the opener, but with every roar of “They gonna get us to come together”, everyone at the gig felt part of what would be a special 90 minutes.

What shocked me the most was the groove that the band carried throughout. Every track, from La Di Da to Under Control, had a vibe and feel that had everyone switching from side to side. The band live have presence that is not felt on their albums, one that is fun, tight and funky.

Syd played the role of a modern day Marvin Gaye throughout the show. The ease of her singing, the emotive tone of every line, and the power of her presence on stage made it easy for everyone to fall in love with her. The chemistry between Lacy and herself was felt throughout the performance.

Ending with a roaring applause from the crowd at the end of the gig, Syd had reminded the audience that when they last visited the city the crowd was barely 100 people. Ending with Just Sayin’ it felt appropriate to get the audience to scream the lines “You fucked up” in unison, as if they were screaming it anyone who is not already listening to this original and glorious band.

By Iain Leggat


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