New Single: Lately – The Wound Review

Wound Review

The Wound Review are… a few different things. They’re very new, for a start (but more on that later) and are composed of Scottish musicians Steven Melens and Jamie Colthart, both originally from the Highlands but now based in Glasgow – because where else can a Scottish band find its feet? One final thing about the Wound Review: they’re off to a great start with their debut single Lately.

The tune sounds like it has a lot of emotion behind it, but doesn’t bog you down with melodramatic lyrics and complicated layers of sound. It’s pretty straightforward without being pop music, and this simplicity mean the hook really sticks with you – you will be singing it to yourself for a good couple of weeks. The catchy chorus pairs well with The Wound Review’s genre – a sort of chilled electronic vibe that puts one in mind of The XX or The Postal Service.

Although self-described as “indie” musicians (it’s getting very hard to define what that means anymore), The Wound Review manage to sound like they’re already on a label and are just waiting for this single to hit the shelves.

Despite being very new, the band have cut and polished Lately to a diamond standard, which is a really impressive thing to do while not losing the emotional spine of the song. Music isn’t good unless you feel something – even if that feeling is “god, this is going to be stuck in my head for DAYS”.

I am expecting big things from The Wound Review, and hopefully they’ll be coming very soon. The lads have a music video coming out to pair with Lately on May 5th, but for now you can keep yourself satisfied by streaming the song on Soundcloud or Spotify –  something I did maybe a few dozen times while writing this review. Keep an eye out for gigs too, especially in the Glasgow area. Following The Wound Review over the next few months is something you definitely won’t regret.

By Bryce Arthur