ENRG @ ED JAZZ FEST: Moses Boyd Exodus

Moses Boyd (Credit: Press)

The multi-talented drummer, composer and producer Moses Boyd brought his band Exodus to Edinburgh’s Jazz and Blues festival along with his genre bending mix of club, hip-hop and electronic influenced jazz.

Moses Boyd brought together a group of up and coming performers from the London jazz scene, led by himself on the drums. An enthusiastic crowd waited as the group took to the stage and began playing a mix of songs from Boyd’s impressive discography.

A few songs in and all of a sudden it goes quiet as Boyd dissects a drum beat and begins to play it in its simplest form, adding more components as the drum solo progresses until it becomes complex enough for the rest of the band to join in. This seemed to be a recurring segment within Boyd’s set, a drum breakdown allowing the audience to focus on an instrument that within most other performances goes unappreciated.

Surprisingly it was guitarist Artie Zaitz that caught a lot of the attention with a number of electrifying guitar solos that drew parallels to a more classic rock influence that complimented Boyd’s more hip-hop orientated drums nicely.

With Boyd performing an exciting mix of modern jazz and hip-hop and his latest release being his 2018 debut solo album Displaced Diaspora, there is a high chance that there will be new music coming very soon.

By Abbie Aitken