Live: Big FACE at Henrys Cellar Bar


Big Face performing at Henrys Cellar Bar (Credit: Seonaidh McGuire)

Big FACE are an Edinburgh based psych-rock trio who shook up Henrys’ Cellar Bar last weekend supporting Casual Drag.

They took to the stage and as each song played through their set you got to witness as they completely lost themselves inside their performance. Every flop of the head, as they strummed their guitar, was followed by a heartfelt yell to the tone of a song. Their passion filled the room with a sort of energy where you could feel yourself being submerged inside their music with them.

When the gig drew to a close you could see the three-piece wearing grins as bright as the fairy lights that hung above them. It was hard not to feel warm leaving the crowd.

I weaved my way to the back of the room and into the smoking area to catch them for a chat:

If you want to catch Big FACE live yourself you can see them at any of these dates: November 21st (The Hug & Pint, Glasgow) or January 24th (Box Glasgow).

Or listen to their latest EP through Spotify.

By Seonaidh McGuire