Review: A Southern View – Fashion Show Reflecting Italy

Fashion and Art go hand in hand.

Young designers have created a fashion show that was held at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh and was inspired by the art exhibition, The Italian Connection. A Southern View show included two collections made by the third level and HND students of Edinburgh College.

There was no podium, so models walked close to the viewers which created more of a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The models had musical accompaniment, Sam Smith’s cover song I feel Love that translates disco vibes making models perform rhythmical and energetic moves.

The outfits had a mix of different styles such as casual, sports, classic etc and materials like denim, latex and leather; therefore, one could not see a unified concept of the collections. Some outfits w

ere bright and provocative like the one on the male model. He wore latex skirt and shoes, white classy jacket with a revealing black top beneath it. It seems that the designers intended to shock the viewers or even protest against something. The hairstyles, makeup and accessories undoubtably complemented the fashion looks. 

Each time two models were cat walking and performed a compilation of simple moves in order to showcase the outfits. They stopped, turned to the public, changed their places in a criss-cross way and presented the looks in front of the cameras at the end of the runway. The initial idea was great but it became apparent that more rehearsal was needed beforehand. It was clear that some models did not know the moveme

818D4BFE-3558-49B3-8012-3E4D59FDF4ECnts and did not get into character that distracted the viewers from observing the outfits. Only a few models could be distinguished for their confidence and close-to-professional catwalk.

It was stated that the fashion show was inspired by The Italian Connection, which exhibits the artworks of the Scottish artists who travelled to Italy to find a muse. Nevertheless, the direct correlation between the fashion outfits and artworks was not seen. The art exhibition transmits calm inspirational atmosphere that does not get along with the fashion shows chaotic energetic vibe.

By Oleksandra Gumeniuk

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