Review: JJ Wilde – Ruthless

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Canadian alt-rocker JJ Wilde has come flying out the blocks with her debut album “Ruthless”. At a time where any remnants of previous normality are to be grabbed and never let go, this unapologetic collection of truthful lyrics and powerful melodies will surely go down a storm.

Wilde has had to work harder than most to get to this stage, paying her dues for years to earn this debut. The result is a well-polished and professional album that is clearly honest to her personality and elucidates her experience nicely.

The energetic “The Rush” has already become Wilde’s most successful release to date, amassing over 3 million streams globally. “Wired” tells of Wilde’s certainty during the toughest moments that better times were ahead, and this debut album could well provide them.

Emotion is poured into the likes of “State of Mind” and the poignant “Funeral For a Lover”, a track Wilde wrote to deal with her relationship with ‘somebody who struggled very severely with mental health issues’, which hits even harder in these difficult times for us all.

The experimental “Feelings”, a reflective track that is perhaps the boldest on the album, brings this debut to a close. Like any good entertainer, this last track and Wilde leave us wanting more.

The only reason “Ruthless” did not get 5 stars is that it made me desperate to be listening to it live at a festival during a summer where there are (correctly) no festivals to go to!

By Joe Craig


Ruthless, the debut album from JJ Wilde is out Friday 12th June.



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