Anticipation rises for Dua Lipa’s Futrure Nostalgia 2021 tour

The Don’t Start Now singer recently announced her Future Nostalgia national and international tour. As her tour was meant to take place this year, the star was determined to publish 2021 dates. Her fans have already taken their reactions to twitter, being excited to watch the singer live is a clear understatement. Not only has she made it up to her fans for cancelling shows due to the global pandemic, she also made it her mission to keep her fans entertained throughout lockdown and this tough time. Lipa took it upon herself to perform a virtual concert at Studio 2054, and has broken the global live stream concert record. More than 5 million fans globally went online and joined the artist on the 27th of November, this number includes 95,000 viewers from India and 1.9 million from China.

As Future Nostalgia was released in March of 2020, we could possibly hear new unreleased singles during her 2021 tour. It is only right to discuss her album and its success. Within the first week of the album’s release, 63 thousand copies had already sold internationally. Future Nostalgia became the biggest-selling album during the first couple of weeks after its release. With hit singles like Don’t Start Now which has gathered a total of 1.2 billion streams and Break My Heart with 505 million streams, there’s no question as to why the album was snatched off shelved so rapidly. Her singles and EP releases helped sales and streams overall. She also was able to play around with the album’s sound by creating DJ mixes with artists like Blessed Madonna. 

Lipa will be performing is major national cities, such as London, Liverpool and Glasgow. She then will head over across to Dublin, Paris, Berlin and more. English singer/songwriter who is currently sitting on almost 60 million listeners a week, is now 5th in the world in terms of listeners and streams. Her tour will only add to her current numbers and if she continues to release more singles like her recent song collaborations like Un Dia and Prisoner, she is on track to break more sales records. Lipa is also up for 6 Grammys including Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Song of the Year, all awards linking to Future Nostalgia. Another busy year coming up for the artist, and she is sure to not disappoint.

By Karla Louise Hallett

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