Review: Michael Aldag – Conversation

19-year-old Liverpool artist, Michael Aldag is hitting us with his recent debut of his single Conversation. He writes and produces electro-pop singles, his song Vodka has been streamed 30,000 times on Spotify alongside his other singles not falling too far behind. He has also been named one of LIMF Academy’s top 3 most ready artists for 2020. 

On the 20th of November, Aldag debuted one of his singles from his upcoming EP, his song Conversation in under 2 weeks has already been streamed almost 20,000 times across Apple Music & Spotify. There is no question as to why the song has become popular, Aldag has been able to produce a beautiful sound with a relatable storyline. Aldag explains the song to be about “those times where you’re bringing your A-game when talking to someone but you only receive metaphorical stale pieces of bread in response.” A quote that highlights the singers humour and projection of the song’s message. Not only has Aldag been able to still produce singles and an EP in the midst of a global pandemic but he has also found a way to promote his music using social media. One can be sure that Aldag will be going back to performing at gigs to promote his sound, once the life gets back to normal.

Aldag has taken his music and personality to mainstream app TikTok, where  he has accumulated 100,000 followers and almost 5 millions likes. He uses his platform not just for promoting his music but to also showcase his personality and humour. During this pandemic TikTok has become more and more popular, so Aldag’s use of the platform is completely understandable. He’s able to keep his current listeners updated in regards to his music, but because his content isn’t solely about his music he is also able to gain more fans that can then follow his music. Aldag says “I try create interesting content that draws people in whilst simultaneously promoting my music.”

Michael Aldag has been brave to take on the role of an independent artist, especially now in midst of a pandemic. However, he has gained success and has also been able to balance out his time to focus on both his music and uni work. Aldag is an admirable artist with a clear talent, his vocal range varies between baritone and tenor, creating his unique sound. His songs vary between alternative electro-pop to just pop, Aldag mentions how his sound is almost “Anthemic”, which is true when listening to conversations and the acoustics used within the song.

Aldag participated in LIMF in 2019 and has travelled “half way round the world” and gained several opportunities over the past year thanks to taking part in the previous music festival. He has worked with Levis during their music project, has been interviewed and written article about by InTuneMusic UK and OneGreatSong Blog. He is slowly but surely building a brand and name for himself, and it’ll be soon when he gathers even more listeners and fans both nationally and internationally. 

By Karla Louise Hallett

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