Review: GOT7 – Breath of Love: Last Piece

After a 7-month hiatus, GOT7 greets us again with their newest album Breath of Love : Last Piece

The first time we feel refreshed with this album is through the first track Breath– being the first title song Youngjae has written for GOT7. We were introduced to Breath a week earlier as a pre-release track to officially set the tone for the album and I think this was the perfect track to do so. The whistle sound being so effortless that it catches on to your ear and compels you into copying it. Youngjae rightfully has bragging rights for writing this.

Synths synths synths. The group’s leader, Jaebeom, showed his talents as a producer through another title-track song LAST PIECE. This track with its distorted rock-inspired extended-chorus matches so well when paired with the choreography shown within the music video, creating a true form of art. You know what? JYP Entertainment should give more credit to GOT7 fans (I GOT7’s or Ahgases) and their streaming projects as they had managed to get the song within the top 10 of Genie- one of the biggest streaming sites in South Korea consistently for over a week since the track’s debut in the charts. The whole album achieving great feats such as being #1 on the U.S. iTunes charts without having a U.S. record company backing them. LAST PIECE earning the #1 spot in the iTunes Song Chart in 13 countries.

When viewing the track listing I got excited seeing that all members took part in the production of this album- specifically with the Mark and earattack produced track Born Ready. Seeing them work together again made me reminisce on the final track from their Flight Log: Turbulence album Let Me (a personal favourite track from them.) However, upon hearing it I realised that the vibe of this album was going to be different. As well as the difference in beats, the lyrics of Born Ready give the notion that they are in fact ready to work hard and play hardfor their relationship and that can be felt in the melody. Being the first track after the titles, this is easy to listen to and sets the ground of what the album would entail.

The familiar ‘I’m boytoy it’s my chance’ does not go unnoticed at the beginning of SPECIAL, signifying that this is a Jackson produced track with Boytoy and Young Sky. Seeing that we’re familiar with the TEAM WANG (Jackson’s solo label) tracks, seeing how he brings that vibe and sound to a GOT7 song was really fresh- reminding me of GOT7’s most prominent RnB albums Eyes on You and even as far back as Flight Log: Departure. Jinyoung is known to encourage all the rap-line singing within his produced songs and writes accordingly, showcasing the member’s ranges greatly. This is now being showed as his trademark through his produced song WAVE. District whom GOT7 have worked with before also helped produce this track. Listening to Wave makes you long for live concerts as it truly feels like a finale song, the vocal melody line in the pre-chorus being one of my favourite points of the whole album.

When we get to the 6th track Waiting For You, we’re not just listening to a song, we’re being engulfed into an atmosphere that almost feels like a fog by the help of the reverb that has been added to the vocals. The wistful feel we get through the lyrics “I’ve been waiting for you / Baby I know you need me too” brings the album to a pause and makes you appreciate and focus on how the lyrics make you feel. BamBam’s lyricism has always stood out to me from Remember You, Believe and again here on Waiting For You- creating his own sub-genre in the way he writes for GOT7 songs which is easy to tell apart from the others.

After getting through that foggy atmosphere, we’re welcomed with piano notes followed by soft guitar chords with Thank You, Sorry, Yugyeom’s song which he collaborated with producer Nathan on. The acoustic feel compliments the previous tracks as it picks up the album to a steady pace, greeting us as an acoustic RnB track- spilling out their apologetic feelings as they realise they’ve grown out of their partner and are ready to move on.

The last three tracks of this record, 1+1, I Mean It and We Are Young provide fresher and different sounds for GOT7 as they are written by new producers whom, besides Jam Factory and Christian Fast, haven’t worked with the members before. 1+1 serves an upbeat chorus that feel so light and lovely that you can’t help but smile as they’re sung. The bridge sang by Jinyoung is also very memorable. My personal favourite out of these new tracks is I Mean It, the song feels so playful and you can tell that the boys were having fun with this track as it is a break from their usual sound. With lyrics like So when I say it’s love, I mean it I mean it / That word called love, I’m in it I’m in it” listeners can only wish to feel these sorts of emotions too and are dancing along with the uplifting beat.

GOT7’s 7th year anniversary together is coming up in January 2021 and their seniority in the K-Pop industry is beginning to be felt. Reaching the end of the album with We Are Young, reminds us of what these boys have been through and worked towards these past 6 years and that despite all these years passed, they are feeling just as youthful as they were back in 2014, proving that there’s still so much more of them to come. Fans are only filled with more anticipation as to what we hear from them next and despite being familiar with them- the excitement and anticipation never falters with them as GOT7 continue to grow as artists.

Breath of Love : Last Piece as a whole reinforces what we already knew of the GOT7 but also introduced us to new sides of them which worked well to piece the album together. The members did so well in this self-produced full-length album and worked well with their fans during their short promotion period, showing great results with their teamwork.

Breath of Love : Last Piece is available on all music streaming platforms.

By Nicole Ndlovu

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