Interview with Scottish photographer Chris Schieritz

I had the fantastic opportunity to get in touch with Scottish photographer, Chris Schieritz. A digital genius that uses his free time showcase the beauty that Scotland has to offer. Schieritz is a 26-year-old cinematographer and photographer from Falkirk, like most people he works full time to support himself and his love for cinematography. Currently Schieritz uses social media to exhibit his work, on certain platforms he has accumulated thousands of followers across Instagram and TikTok. On instagram he has 11.4k followers, and 24k followers on TikTok with almost 140k likes. 

Schieritz is currently working on a free photoshoot project, where he is using his artful skill to help people capture special moments. As he has mentioned in his interview “Scotland is one of most beautiful countries in the world”, and encapsulating the beauty in both the country and its people is a true talent. It is incredible how, although Chris works full time he still has time to fit his photography into his busy schedule. Being from the “home of the Kelpies”, it is understandable why Schieritz has developed an eye for cinematography. In his interview video he showcases his photoshoots, including his halloween special.

Being able to produce pieces like these photos above, takes a true flair and eye for key moments. I hope Schieritz gains the recognition he deserves, he is truly an artist with the potential to rise to great heights. With his talent and skill, it inevitable for him to to grow bigger as a photographer. 

By Karla Louise Hallett

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