Top 10 Glastonbury Fashion Moments

With Covid still running rampant, our dreams of a thriving 2021 festival season seem to have hit an abrupt yet inevitable end. Festivals are being cancelled left, right and centre, and the bleakness of it all truly reached its peak last week when it was made public that Glastonbury has been cancelled this summer too, for its second year running. Glastonbury is not only Europe’s largest music festival, but it has also become a sort of cultural melting pot where many of our most popular trends have taken root. Glastonbury is arguably the biggest influence behind the modern-day festival culture and has massively contributed to the European music scene as well as the world of fashion. At Glastonbury you do not need to be a brand ambassador or an Instagram influencer to fit in. Glasto appeals to everyone and inspires people to get creative with their outfits. And boy, have we seen some amazing looks over the years. The thought of not being able to see our favourite fashion pioneers rock their most risqué outfits in the murky Somerset mud this year almost hits harder than the fact that we won’t get to attend ourselves. So, in the spirit of pre-Covid nostalgia, and to help soften the blow of a festival-less summer, here is a (very subjective) ranking of the top ten most memorable fashion moments throughout the history of Glastonbury.

10. Sienna Miller 2014

This laid-back leather look is certainly one for the books. The bohemian festival look is undoubtably one of the best trends of the 2010s.

9. Florence Welch 2013

Florence chose the best accessory to compliment this vividly patterned T-shirt dress – a matching beau. There is nothing more fun than a colour coordinated couple. Together or apart, these two were bound to grab the attention.

8. Adwoa Aboah 2017

Miss Aboah seems to create trends everywhere she goes, and her 2017 Glastonbury look was no exception. Fuzzy bucket hats are all the hype at the moment, much thanks to the funky hat pioneer Adwoa Aboah. The brightly coloured sunglasses paired with a fluffy hat would certainly be suitable had she worn it this year too.

7. Florence Welch 2014

This “Glastonbury meets Woodstock” look definitely hits the jackpot. The wavy hair paired with the Lennon glasses certainly emphasise the 70s homage of this outfit. Well done Welch.

6. Emma Watson 2010

Emma was way ahead of her time in 2010 when she wore this camouflage corset with tight denim shorts. The corset trend sky-rocketed in 2020 and we would have definitely seen similar looks to this iconic 2010 ‘fit this year had the festival season gone ahead as planned. Oh well, there is always next year.

5. Lily Allen 2009

Although her signature prom-dress-and-trainer look is incredible, this 2009 outfit definitely stole the show. The purple jump-suit matched with a hot purple wig and a glamourous glitter makeup look, elevated Lily Allen’s stage presence dramatically. The undereye glitter makeup is definitely giving off Euphoria-vibes and is most certainly a trend that will stay for another few festival seasons.

4. Kate moss 2007

Only Kate could make the South English mud look like a runway in this all-black, vinyl and stiletto look. How can one keep from staring?

3. Sienna Miller 2004

Sienna definitely stole the show in this Ibiza meets Texas look. The black frilled dress and studded leather belt paired with the neon green sunglasses is confusing and bewildering in the best way possible. This look will never not be iconic.

2. Alexa Chung 2014

Alexa Chung is one of the biggest pioneers of modern festival fashion and THE fashion icon of the 2010s. This 2014 Glastonbury look undoubtedly proves that claim. The metallic slip dress paired with the Hunter Chelsea wellies and, of course, the classic Barbour, is one of her best looks. Less can certainly be more, even though it’s festival season.

1. Kate Moss 2005

It should come as no surprise that Kate Moss is at the top of this list. This look does everything right. The mini gold dress paired with the super-low-rise leather belt and of course the timeless Glastonbury essential, the Hunter wellies, all perfectly embody all that is to love about festival fashion. It is the perfect celebration of the glamour-and-dirt-symbiosis of Glastonbury. All hail the festival queen.

By Signe Loven

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