Review: Selena Gomez’s 2021 Comeback & De Una Vez

Since the premiere of her song Lose You To Love Me back in October, 2019, Selena Gomez has been making a massive comeback. Although still being a prominent public figure, Gomez was mostly silent apart from one or two songs popping up here and there. She addressed social media and said that this was her time to find herself again and mend herself after years of being in the lime light. 2020 was a busy year for Gomez, as she released her first full length album since 2015. Gomez also launched her cosmetics line, named after her newest album at the time Rare, which focuses on representative makeup products and more natural beauty. She also starred in her own cooking show, Selena + Chef, all shot from home in accordance to COVID-19 restrictions. The Love me to Lose You singer has peaked in the first month of 2021, Miss Gomez has really made her mark over the past year and I hope she makes the 20s hers.

De Una Vez 

Gomez had been teasing her fans with this Spanish track on her Instagram story since the beginning of January. Her fans were gifted with the song on 15th January. In her behind the scenes video, she mentioned that this was her first Spanish song since she was 18, she went on to saying how she thinks she sounds better in Spanish than in English. Though, this may be a controversial opinion from the singer when talking to her fans. However Gomez, who may not being used to singing in Spanish, seems to be more in her element in De Una Vez

Gomez is known for her soft and angelic voice, which was prominent in her 2020 album Rare. Unbelievably, the singer was able to transfer her unique voice into her Spanish song, and her voice appears much more melodic, soft and rhythmic. Magazines such as Vogue, Rolling Stone and Billboard, have praised the singer for her bold track. Elle magazine even released an article on the song and commended Gomez on how it captures the beauty of overcoming heartbreak.

Being a Spanish-speaker myself, I was able to both listen to the song and understand it. The song isn’t just a pretty melody, the lyrics represent the singer’s freedom and love for herself. She explains how she feels cured and stronger alone, and how her wings were cut off when she was being held back in the past. The song’s title translates to ‘at once’, which in itself is just incredibly relatable. If someone wanted to turn to a song after a break up, this would be the best one. 

When talking about the music video for her song, one can argue about what the scenes in the video symbolise. From a particular point of view, many can say that the video attempts to represent how her heart is finally healed. Miss Gomez’s love life has always been in the public eye, with most assume her songs are about ex long-term lover Justin Bieber. They might be right, but Gomez is so clearly in a much better place now. Although her lyrics seem directed, her music video only showcases how she has learned to love herself and be the person she needs during the harder moments. The short song and video, starts by highlighting her broken heart being exposed and ends on her heart being shielded and protected.

“No te tengo a ti,

Me tengo a mí” 

“I don’t have you, I have me.” A simple line, yet so impactful when hearing it being said out loud. Her song is what young women need to hear and understand, there is no need to only find love with someone else. Love can come from within and be used to help oneself become stronger and empowered. The sacred heart is an image to always keep in mind. 

By Karla Louise Hallett

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