Solar Power by Lorde Review: “Sound of the Summer”

New Zealand singer/lyricist Lorde has released her first single in 4 years, and it is exactly what her fans needed entering the summer months of 2021. After a year as stressful as 2020, and months on end being trapped at home, Lorde is asking her fans to forget their tears and to join her this summer.

Back in 2017 Lorde released her album Melodrama, with 11 tracks that included top charters like Green Light and Perfect Places. Melodrama received plenty of nominations including a Grammy Award for Album of the Year, and the album also went on to win the New Zealand Music Award for Album of the Year. 

Lorde is nothing but a success story, her unique sound and ingenious lyrics have attracted fans from several scenes. Although her music and previous albums have followed a theme of sadness, her recent track exudes bliss and positivity. Solar Power can lead into a new era of Lorde and her music can very well be the new sound of the summer.

Solar Power beams its rays and shows how stoicism and patience can help you come out the other side shining bright. The release of this track really does announce that summer is here, and gives listeners a sense of relief when hearing the positive lyrics and beautiful nostalgic instrumental. Lorde when speaking to Apple Music, said that Solar Power was partly inspired by Primal Scream’s song Loaded from 1990. Not only has she released this sunny track but in an interview with Australia’s Triple J Radio she confirmed that she was working on her third album and has been working on it for quite some time. The album is set to be released on the 20th of June this year.

The song was meant to be released in June of 2020, but she delayed the release due to the circumstances the world was in. She described her song and the original release date as “indescribably painful”, and the release quite possibly would’ve been in poor taste for the time. Instead she waited a year, and the release of her upcoming album is to be released in time for a solar eclipse happening this month in the northern hemisphere.

The title of her track was inspired by a trip she took back in 2019 to Antartica, where she was able to learn more about the climate crisis. Her music tends to involve the way the weather affects her moods and attitude, which is why it was important for her to experience a trip to the “coldest place in the world”. When discussing her trip with Newshub back in 2020, she said that when she was coming back from her trip she knew the title of her new song and possible album would be Solar Power

Lorde has recently been described as radiant and summer-ready by her interviewers and this splash of optimism, can drag her fans who have been hit hardest by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) out of the dark. The artist has previously discussed how she has been affected negatively by the colder months, these affects can also be heard in her previous work. Especially songs that formed part of Melodrama, with lyrics like “I ride the subway, read the signs. I let the seasons change my mind.” Solar Power, does discuss SAD in the first verse and how the winter months can cause a decline in positive energy. However the track from the second verse onwards describes how the spring/summer months help “girls and boys” out of the gloominess and onto the beaches. Her music video for the track oozes high spirits and the right summer energy people need to experience this year. Dancing on the beach and hitting her high notes, only makes her listeners and viewers want the same jazzy tenderness she is feeling in this track.

As Solar Power rises in the charts after a days release, we can expect nothing but excellence and Grammy-worthy tunes from this talented singer. Her mezzo-soprano notes will raise the hopes of all her fans and the number of listeners she’ll gain before a well deserved award. If anyone is looking for a song to brighten their day, check out Solar Power and reach euphoria.

Written by Karla Louise Hallett

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