Did You Think by Chloe Payne Review: “A Feel-good Break-up Song”

New and upcoming artist, Chloe Payne is a 23-year-old from Basingstoke, England. Payne has been writing and composing music for the past three years and over time has gained experience from gigs in and out of London. Payne graduated from The Academy of Contemporary Music, leaving the music school with First Class Honours. During her degree course she was able to study under Jono McNeil, a talented vocal coach who’s previously worked on the Voice UK. Payne is a confident and brilliant vocalist, and it is predominant in her recent release.

Did You Think was released on the 21st of May, and it is a catchy pop tune that can’t be missed. The track discusses the intricacies of a relationship that is coming to an end, a definite break-up bop that shames unfaithfulness. 

When speaking to Payne she mentioned how she wouldn’t just categorise her tracks as pop, “ I don’t think it’s straight pop, I’d like to think it’s quite groovy and funky at the same time”. The song follows the same tempo most pop songs have, but the lyrics gives the song its edge. She mentioned who her inspirations were and they included singers such as Lizzo and Bruno Mars. The combination of pop and funk, makes her music nothing but feel-good.

The theme of betrayal is transparent, with lyrics like “I’m not the one taking three girls out on dates”. The storytelling style is used perfectly, and Payne takes her listeners through a journey of not just one relationship but several. In my interview with Miss. Payne she told me about how the song came about and how the lyrics are a combination of feelings from several relationship events. Payne came up with the chorus a while back, during the midst of a breakup where she was cheated on. However she only had the chorus, over time she combined lyrics she had written about other circumstances, leading up to this cheery break-up song.

As well as talking to Payne about her recent track, we spoke to her about her goals as a musician. She explained that being a proud openly gay singer was important to her. The world is becoming more and more openminded, but she wants to reach those who still feel alone. She also discussed the fact that when she was younger “there weren’t many out singers”, which can mean younger listeners can relate to and appreciate her feel-good break-up songs.

Other than releasing her own music, Payne has performed alongside bands such as Mango, who have been features on several radio shows in the UK. Her experience and talents will only grow, now that live shows are back on after a year of COVID-19. Hopefully we will be hearing more from this gifted vocalist, and maybe get a music video for her released tracks. This lockdown project is now available on Spotify for those wanting a merry bop.

Written by Karla Louise Hallett

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