YUNGBLUD Life On Mars Tour: “Raw Magnetism”

After reviewing YUNGBLUD’s 2020 album, I was already able to look beyond the singer’s vocal talent and focus on the way he relates with his fans. My visit to YUNGBLUD’s Monday night gig at Edinburgh’s 02 Academy further entrenched my views on the singer’s connection with his fan-base. 

Despite the more intimate setting, the buzz I felt surrounding YUNGBLUD’s Edinburgh visit was, just as (if not more) engaging than Bring Me The Horizon’s Glasgow set last month, and the pure energy that beams from the man himself is largely to do with that. 

That energy was evident from the moment he came on stage, making anyone think, how is he able to maintain such a rigorous style across a touring schedule which stretches back to August? Because he’s goddamn YUNGBLUD that’s why. There was little to no breaths taken between opener ‘Strawberry Lipstick’ all the way to ‘Anarchist’ five songs deep, with the crowd so in awe on Dom’s raw magnetism that the same energy rubbed off on them in one of many moshpits evident throughout the night. 

Some beautifully rare moments of spontaneity fuelled that connection even more, with YUNGBLUD spitting everything from water to Buckfast onto the crowd. This was before having some fun moments with everything fans handed him too, which ranged from a bra, flags and even a blow up penis. Good stuff all round. 

However, where this concert really went above and beyond, was during the short breaks between the more emotional tracks on the setlist, where Dom would spill his heart out to the audience with a level of unseen sincerity (at least from my live gig experiences). The man was able to sympathise with the audience just as much as they were with him, which created a loving and safe space for everyone during these ‘down’ moments. 

‘Mars’, ‘love song’, and ‘teresa’ specifically brought everyone together in unison of the same goal, revelling in the chance to be back in the all-inclusive communal atmosphere of live shows. 

NME described YUNGBLUD’s performance at Reading Festival as “Anarchic, compassionate, and with something to say”. Dom’s ability for that message to resonate from each and every venue he performs in, from world-renowned festivals to the bowels of Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange, speaks to the immense power of his relationship with his own audience.  

Edinburgh may have been a simple pit-stop in YUNGBLUD’s long touring schedule, but I guarantee each and every person who left the show that night felt like Dom was one of their own, And would take the power instilled in them that night well beyond the final song on the set. 

YUNGBLUD’s pretty great, you guys, get on board. 

Written by Brandon Bethune

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