The Cher Show: “A Tribute Act Or A Musical?”

Sharing her thoughts on the musical phenomenon ‘The Cher Show‘ is Cara Blackhall

It’s fair to say Cher has made her mark on the world. From her dazzling outfits, diva persona and let’s not forget her surprise appearance in Mamma Mia 2.

It’s surprising to think that it has taken this long for there to be a musical surrounding her life.

The brand-new musical, The Cher Show, first starting in the United States in 2018 has now arrived in the UK. The Show is to be performed in 17 cites with the admired expertise of choreographer Oti Mabuse alongside Arlene Phillips as the director.

(Photo taken by Cara Blackhall)

A clever aspect of The Cher Show is that it follows the performer’s career through three different personas who are all used to undertake three different periods of Cher’s Career – Millie O’Connell as ‘Babe’, Danielle Steers as ‘Lady’ and Debbie Kurup as ‘Star’.

The Cher Show followthe career of the pop star from as early as her childhood to the point in her life when she must reinvent her life choices. However, although each Cher is designated to a period in her life, they all come together for certain scenes to reflect on their past life together. As, in retrospect, they all share the same past life.

It could be easy to get confused throughout a performance that is rapidly cutting and changing throughout. However, The Cher Show does it perfectly by showing clearly which generation of Cher we were getting next, which is done through the talent of the three main performers.

Throughout the show, at no point are you confused about whether it is a tribute act or a musical.

Songs throughout include ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’, ‘Believe’ and ‘Strong Enough’, the impact these songs provided throughout the show would not have been anywhere near as impactful if it wasn’t for the talent of the Cher’s.

(Photo taken by Cara Blackhall)

It is clear to see just how much their performance of Cher meant to them. From the accents to the singing and personality – each one of them brought all aspects of the icon together to portray her perfectly.

Although, through all the singing, acting, and dancing, it’s the lighting and design of the stage that really takes the show to the next level.

The bright lights and neon signs almost take you from a musical performance to a concert, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or not, every aspect of the show comes together to get you on your feet.

It truly is a show to turn back in Fme for and believe me when I say it’s a musical worth seeing.

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