21 Things I Have Learned Since Turning 21 (Almost) 

Take a tip or two from a 4th year university student, you might not be 21 just yet but Niamh McCabe has the ultimate advice…

In just over a month I will be twenty-one. I’m not that bothered in the sense of growing old, I’m more concerned about what I’m doing for my birthday to be honest. But, it got me thinking about the people I want to be surrounded by for my twenty-first, thus, leading onto how these said people have inspired me in my life.

I guess I’m just a romantic in that way. I have learned a lot from people, and a lot of things in general, so I have done the most Niamh thing I can do and compiled a list. 

This is a list of basic, profound, useful things I have learned, and how I have matured as a person, especially in the last few years! 

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