Be Charlotte: “People say ‘from darkness comes light’, and that’s exactly what this song is.” 

Emma Cooper-Raeburn has a chat with Scottish singer/songwriter Be Charlotte about her brand new single ‘Help Me to Hold On’…

Dundee-based singer, Be Charlotte, releases her first song of the year with Help Me to Hold On in what she describes as “a song for the good and bad days and everything in between”. 

(Photo from Be Charlotte)

The catchy pop-song, produced by Charlotte herself alongside Scotty Anderson (The Snuts) and Ciaran Mceneny (Lewis Capaldi), captures the importance of having people to reach out to when times are tough. With lyrics such as “I’m drowning, throw me a rope and help me to hold on”, Be Charlotte – real name Charlotte Brimner – bravely discusses her struggles with her mental health in a punchy and upbeat tune. She explains: 

“Through the lyrics and production, I’ve tried to capture the complexities of anxiety and depression whilst having to face the world every single day. I want this song to empower and uplift you on the days where you just can’t face it.” 

(Photo from Be Charlotte)

Help Me to Hold On is the singer/songwriter’s second single since she launched her own record label, Enough Records, in September last year. The label aims to open up access to the music industry to young women around Scotland, and already has two Scottish female artists signed – Cara McBride and Berta Kennedy, who won The Sound of Young Scotland Award last year.  

Prior to Enough Records, Be Charlotte set up regular songwriting camps for aspiring young female stars. This is still something that Enough Records take pride in organising, ensuring women feel comfortable and supported at the start of their musical journey. The name of the label is an ode to reminding its artists that “they are enough” – something that particularly female musicians are not reminded of as much as they should be.  

(Photo from Be Charlotte)

Be Charlotte has created such a powerful stance over the Scottish music industry, both as an artist and as a voice for women in a still male-dominated industry. Help Me to Hold On feels like a warm hug when one is needed, and acts as a reminder to surround yourself with positive people who support you: “People say ‘from darkness comes light’, and that’s exactly what this song is”. 

Help Me to Hold On is out now on all major music streaming platforms:

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