REVIEW: Miley Cyrus – Endless Summer Vacation

Emma Latto shares her thoughts on Miley Cyrus’ eighth album, Endless Summer Vacation, after her single Flowers went viral earlier this year…

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Flowers proved a massive commercial success following its release on the 12th of January this year. The lead single of Miley Cyrus’ new album, Endless Summer Vacation, broke Spotify records as the most streamed song in a week and remained Number 1 in the UK charts for almost two months. 

Flowers’ is one of those songs you think you don’t know, but once you hear it on the radio on your Thursday morning commute to work and you’ll realise you’re wrong. 

Bruno Mars granted Miley’s wishes to have the chorus bear a resemblance to the melody of his song, When I Was Your Man, inspired by her unhappy marriage to actor Liam Hemsworth. In the music video, Miley shines in her revenge as she dances in the house where Hemsworth was unfaithful to her, wears his suit better than he did, and highlights that she can do all the things that made her feel loved with him, alone. 

The album, Endless Summer Vacation, has carried me everywhere recently, from long showers to long walks, it has been a reliable companion. Singles such as River and Handstand are saved for the gym, while Rose Coloured Lenses instantly places me in my bedroom on a summer morning with a feeling of pure contentment as the sun glares through.   

The composition, from Miley, is divided into two parts: AM and PM. AM represents the morning time, where there’s a buzz and energy and there’s a potential for new possibilities, and the PM represents the evening when it “feels like there’s a slinky, seediness and kind of a grime but a glamour at the same time”. In my opinion, she does do exactly what is said on the tin, the AM vibes especially feel very modern and light. Something that is seemingly rare to achieve these days as an artist who also has taken huge influence from the grunge and rock community. 

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The rush, the fun, the passion, the love we dream of as a kid is something Miley Cyrus clearly values, and it is revealed so beautifully within the album. Jaded is a contender for one of the most obviously hurt-filled songs on the album and flips the coin on the childlike innocence we previously felt as it’s highlighted how so much good in a relationship can lead to the worst sort of pain.  

There is a vulnerable side to Miley that is shown, particularly in the second last song Wonder Women. This song is in the third person, meaning she could be referring to herself from an external point of view or be referring to a women close to her. Either way, this song pours empathy and love that one woman clearly radiates. So much so, she conveys the heroic maturity one must have to not fall apart in front of others. This piano ballet is then followed by a raw demo of flowers, an authentic way to complete the tasteful album, striping back the flash of fame and homing us into the lyrics. I really can buy myself my own flowers.  

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