Spencer: “A warpath of defiance against the monarchy”

When I first saw the photos of Kristen Stewart as the cultural icon that is the Princess of Wales on Twitter earlier this year I was both overjoyed at the thought of Stewart finally shaking her label as a “bad actress” due to Twilight’s stamp as “a mess” (Insider’s words not mine), in fact my crumpled Teen Now magazine cover of Taylor Lautner plastered on the back of my … Continue reading Spencer: “A warpath of defiance against the monarchy”

Ladies & Gentlemen HER…

Adele made her return to the music industry on Friday and, like always, didn’t leave her any single fan disappointed.  Her newest single ‘Easy On Me’ comes in the lead-up to her highly anticipated 4thstudio album ‘30’ which is set to be released before the end of the year. Adele has dominated the music industry at its peak and despite lying dormant for nearly 7 … Continue reading Ladies & Gentlemen HER…

YUNGBLUD Life On Mars Tour: “Raw Magnetism”

After reviewing YUNGBLUD’s 2020 album, I was already able to look beyond the singer’s vocal talent and focus on the way he relates with his fans. My visit to YUNGBLUD’s Monday night gig at Edinburgh’s 02 Academy further entrenched my views on the singer’s connection with his fan-base.  Despite the more intimate setting, the buzz I felt surrounding YUNGBLUD’s Edinburgh visit was, just as (if … Continue reading YUNGBLUD Life On Mars Tour: “Raw Magnetism”

Missus: Katherine Ryan “A Man’s Wife”

Katherine Ryan’s life has changed a lot since the last time she took her stand-up show on the road. The 2019 tour, which had a date filmed for the Netflix special, Glitter Room saw Ryan advocating for single motherhood. She rejected the idea of the nuclear family and strongly advised single mothers that their family unit doesn’t need a male addition. By the end of that … Continue reading Missus: Katherine Ryan “A Man’s Wife”

Review: In The Heights (2021)

Almost one year after it was set to be released, In the Heights is finally in cinemas where it was more like Carnaval del Cineworld. The Lin-Manuel Miranda musical was a hit on Broadway and the West End, winning four Tony Awards, including Best Musical, and three Olivier Awards. This long-anticipated movie musical had Miranda fans buzzing to have this great musical revived for the … Continue reading Review: In The Heights (2021)

Podcast – ENRG Culture Backstage

We have a podcast! Our new podcast will see different members of the ENRG Culture team discuss their thoughts on a range of topics from music, fashion to major celebrity gossip! Episode 1, hosted by Jessica Matthewson, Emma Barton and Arran Proctor, is entitled Crocs: The devils in the details and looks at the major changes in the world of arts and culture. Listen on … Continue reading Podcast – ENRG Culture Backstage

Review: Dickinson season 2

Dickinson returns to Apple TV+ for a season 2. Complete with a matured protagonist, brand new love triangles and of course, a lot more poems.  The opening scene of the second season shows an 18th century working newspaper press office, this later mirrors the individual newspaper press of a black man selling papers about the Abolitionist Movement in the South. The trials of Emily printing her … Continue reading Review: Dickinson season 2

Review: Selena Gomez’s 2021 Comeback & De Una Vez

Since the premiere of her song Lose You To Love Me back in October, 2019, Selena Gomez has been making a massive comeback. Although still being a prominent public figure, Gomez was mostly silent apart from one or two songs popping up here and there. She addressed social media and said that this was her time to find herself again and mend herself after years … Continue reading Review: Selena Gomez’s 2021 Comeback & De Una Vez

Top 10 Glastonbury Fashion Moments

With Covid still running rampant, our dreams of a thriving 2021 festival season seem to have hit an abrupt yet inevitable end. Festivals are being cancelled left, right and centre, and the bleakness of it all truly reached its peak last week when it was made public that Glastonbury has been cancelled this summer too, for its second year running. Glastonbury is not only Europe’s … Continue reading Top 10 Glastonbury Fashion Moments

Review: Big Mouth – Season 4

A show that has surprised us all with its themes and characters, Big Mouth has blessed their fans with another season. Although some viewers may think the release of the fourth season may have been a regrettable choice for the producers. The many who have watched the show know that the topics presented throughout the season tend to be based on adolescence and puberty. Big … Continue reading Review: Big Mouth – Season 4