Rip It Up At The National Museum

It’s your last chance to see the Rip It Up exhibition currently on at the Scottish National Museum this weekend. This fantastic exhibition comprehensively covers the history of Scottish pop from it’s early beginnings to the current day. You can listen to a podcast that gives you a short history of Scottish pop below. Rip It Up: A Short History Of Scottish Pop Also for … Continue reading Rip It Up At The National Museum

‘Dynasties: The Discussion’ Episode 2: Emperor Penguins

In Sir David Attenborough’s new documentary series, ‘Dynasties’, we get an insight into the lives of five of the world’s most endangered animals, penguins, chimpanzees, lions, tigers and painted wolves. Join Michaella Wheatley, Jade du Preez and Olivia Hill as they discuss this week’s episode in our new ‘Dynasties’ podcast series. In the latest episode, we saw the Emperor penguins battle the elements for survival. Continue reading ‘Dynasties: The Discussion’ Episode 2: Emperor Penguins

Button Mashers: Episode 2

  The Button Mashers are back! David Paul and Liam Mackay are joined this week by Paul Sinclair to discuss wrestling games, GTA 5 and their virtual reality gaming experiences! Button Mashers is our brand new weekly podcast to keep you up to date on all things gaming. Expect the latest gaming news, interesting opinions, oh and some brilliant jingles!   Continue reading Button Mashers: Episode 2