MONTERO by Lil Nas X: “A very powerful message”

Hot off the release of several chart-topping singles, Lil Nas X released his debut album on Friday and has continued to break the boundaries in the rap community.  The self-titled album ‘MONTERO’, which has been in the works for quite some time, was described as a “form of therapy” for the Georgia born rapper. The artist has claimed to be an outcast ever since his … Continue reading MONTERO by Lil Nas X: “A very powerful message”

Respect: “Poignant tribute”

Taking us from her life as a choir singer to the ‘Queen of Soul’, the biopic Respect, centres on the trials and tribulations of Ms Aretha Franklin.  I never understood when my parents would say, ‘I remember where I was standing when such and such famous celebrity died…’. I wondered why they cared, or why it had left such a meaningly memory to them. They … Continue reading Respect: “Poignant tribute”

Star-crossed by Kacey Musgraves: “Her Re-invention”

star-crossed, an adjective meaning thwarted or opposed by the stars, ill-fated. The classic story of star-crossed lovers is that of Juliet and Romeo, two lovers who’re doomed from the start. “For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” Kacey Musgraves uses the unfortunate ‘star-crossed’ to name her new 15 track album which explores themes of love or lack … Continue reading Star-crossed by Kacey Musgraves: “Her Re-invention”

Review: The Melodic Blue by Baby Keem

Baby Keem – one of the biggest breakout stars of the year – released his long-awaited debut studio album on Friday and continued paving his path through the music industry.  The 16 track LP titled ‘The Melodic Blue’ comes during one of the most exciting periods of the young rapper/producers’ career as he continues pushing his name onto the screens of millions around the world. … Continue reading Review: The Melodic Blue by Baby Keem

Review: Certified Lover Boy by Drake

Drake season is officially upon us and last Friday the Toronto born rapper released his 6th studio album. Although there have been mixed reviews amongst his fans. The project titled ‘Certified Lover Boy’ was announced back in February of 2019 and after a few delays, Drake fans have finally got their hands on the highly anticipated project. Drake’s previous album – Dark Lane Demo Tapes … Continue reading Review: Certified Lover Boy by Drake

Review: We Love You Tecca 2 by Lil Tecca

The long-awaited sequel to Lil Tecca’s 2019 platinum LP ‘We Love You Tecca’ came out on Friday and fans of the Queen’s born rapper are more than pleased with the release.  The project titled ‘We Love You Tecca 2’ is Lil Tecca’s 3rd studio album and comes on the back of a slightly less chaotic year for the up-and-coming 18-year-old. The pandemic took its toll … Continue reading Review: We Love You Tecca 2 by Lil Tecca

Review: Donda by Kanye West

37 days after the initial release date, Kanye West dropped his 10th studio album Donda – in what can only be described as true Kanye fashion.  The hype surrounding not only Kanye as a person but the music he has blessed his fans with over the years, has been utterly breath-taking. Kanye announced that his new project would drop on July 24th, 2021 as a … Continue reading Review: Donda by Kanye West

Man vs Critics: Musicals

A genre that has endured for the better part of a century, first appearing on screens way back in the late 1920s. Pioneered by the likes of choreographer and director Busby Berkeley (who has the most old-school Hollywood sounding name that I have ever heard). A genre that regularly rakes in obscene amounts of money for movie studios, with the likes of Disney’s recent Lion … Continue reading Man vs Critics: Musicals

Studio vs Acoustic: Pears by Weston Estate

Named after a nearby neighbourhood, Weston Estate is a 5-member group from North Carolina. The band members are: Srikar Nanduri on guitar, Manas Panchavati, Tanmay Joshi and Marco Luka with the vocals and Abhi Manhass on bass, who also produces their tracks.  A recent track of theirs which has been gaining loads of attention is titled Pears, a lo-fi indie beat paired with wistful lyrics creating a … Continue reading Studio vs Acoustic: Pears by Weston Estate

Review: In The Heights (2021)

Almost one year after it was set to be released, In the Heights is finally in cinemas where it was more like Carnaval del Cineworld. The Lin-Manuel Miranda musical was a hit on Broadway and the West End, winning four Tony Awards, including Best Musical, and three Olivier Awards. This long-anticipated movie musical had Miranda fans buzzing to have this great musical revived for the … Continue reading Review: In The Heights (2021)