Meet the Team


Jessica Matthewson

Jessica Matthewson is a third year student and the current editor of ENRG Culture. From movies to museums, Jessica appreciates all the arts – especially a celebrity love triangle. She is the biggest Taylor Swift fan in the ENRG team, perhaps even in Edinburgh and will write many more articles about her. Jessica can also be found hosting the ENRG Culture Podcast: Backstage, where talking about celebrity culture seems to come as naturally as breathing to her. In the future, Jessica hopes to build on the work of previous editors and is always looking for passionate individuals to join the team.

Deputy Editor

Karla Louise Hallett

Karla Louise Hallett is a second year student at Edinburgh Napier University and is the current Deputy Editor of ENRG Culture. Karla specialises in Film and Music, and has gained her experience from volunteering and working at events such as Doha Tribeca Film Festival (DTFF) and the Ajyal Film Festival. She has also formed part of Katara Opera Choir and is passionate about music and the arts. Karla is looking forward to writing more articles for the site and to work alongside her team at ENRG Culture.


Luka Kenyon

Luka Kenyon founded the ENRG Music & Arts website and was the editor in the site’s first year and graduated back in 2019. The site was later changed to ENRG Culture in 2021.

Former Members

Former Editors

Abbie Aitken

Abbie is currently a fourth year journalism student at Edinburgh Napier and is a former editor of ENRG Music and Arts. She also is co-host of the Oval Table on Radio ENRG.

Seónaidh McGuire

Seónaidh was one of the former editors of the website and graduated in Summer 2020.

Owen Garner

Owen was one of the former editors of the website and graduated in Summer 2020.