No Spoilers: Where The Crawdads Sing

An enticing novel that has caught the media’s attention, Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens is nothing short of remarkable. The language used makes for a soothing read and allows the reader to dive into the world of the book. Owens was able to wrap two themes neatly together, whilst keeping her readers engaged and attached to her characters.  For those who haven’t read … Continue reading No Spoilers: Where The Crawdads Sing

Studio vs Acoustic: Pears by Weston Estate

Named after a nearby neighbourhood, Weston Estate is a 5-member group from North Carolina. The band members are: Srikar Nanduri on guitar, Manas Panchavati, Tanmay Joshi and Marco Luka with the vocals and Abhi Manhass on bass, who also produces their tracks.  A recent track of theirs which has been gaining loads of attention is titled Pears, a lo-fi indie beat paired with wistful lyrics creating a … Continue reading Studio vs Acoustic: Pears by Weston Estate

Reintroducing: The Girls With A Passion 4 Fashion

To celebrate the 20th anniversary since the initial release of the Bratz doll line, the fashion doll manufacturers have come out with a new set of dolls being sold all across the USA and internationally. The dolls were discontinued back in 2010, then reemerged in 2014 after some rebranding but weren’t nearly as popular as they once were.  Through the years Bratz have faced many … Continue reading Reintroducing: The Girls With A Passion 4 Fashion

Movies for Your Summer Bucket-List

Now that we find ourselves comfortably in the middle of July, it feels safe to say that summer has definitively arrived in Scotland. The thermometer is sitting above 10°C with some comforting regularity, that most days you can leave the house knowing a jacket or jumper probably won’t be necessary. Although experience should have taught you it’s always a smart move to bring one with … Continue reading Movies for Your Summer Bucket-List

Pride Month 2021

Pride Month. A time for people in the LGBTQ+ community to come together and be unapologetically themselves. A time where people can look back on legendary figures within the community and see how far the world has come in accepting those for who they are, regardless of their sexuality. When it comes to talking about the LGBTQ+ community, intersectionality should be considered as there are … Continue reading Pride Month 2021

Review: In The Heights (2021)

Almost one year after it was set to be released, In the Heights is finally in cinemas where it was more like Carnaval del Cineworld. The Lin-Manuel Miranda musical was a hit on Broadway and the West End, winning four Tony Awards, including Best Musical, and three Olivier Awards. This long-anticipated movie musical had Miranda fans buzzing to have this great musical revived for the … Continue reading Review: In The Heights (2021)

Did You Think by Chloe Payne Review: “A Feel-good Break-up Song”

New and upcoming artist, Chloe Payne is a 23-year-old from Basingstoke, England. Payne has been writing and composing music for the past three years and over time has gained experience from gigs in and out of London. Payne graduated from The Academy of Contemporary Music, leaving the music school with First Class Honours. During her degree course she was able to study under Jono McNeil, … Continue reading Did You Think by Chloe Payne Review: “A Feel-good Break-up Song”

Solar Power by Lorde Review: “Sound of the Summer”

New Zealand singer/lyricist Lorde has released her first single in 4 years, and it is exactly what her fans needed entering the summer months of 2021. After a year as stressful as 2020, and months on end being trapped at home, Lorde is asking her fans to forget their tears and to join her this summer. Back in 2017 Lorde released her album Melodrama, with … Continue reading Solar Power by Lorde Review: “Sound of the Summer”

Blue Weekend by Wolf Alice Review: “The prodigious sound”

Wolf Alice are unavoidable within the British indie scene. Winning the coveted Mercury Prize back in 2018 with their second album Visions of a Life whilst also securing a Grammy nomination, the band are no strangers to producing award winning tracks. Blue Weekend begins slow. The opening track, The Beach, commences with a distant drum which transcends into a harmonic strumming layered by Ellie Rowsell’s … Continue reading Blue Weekend by Wolf Alice Review: “The prodigious sound”