Benjamin Francis Leftwich on ‘Gratitude’

ENRG Music’s Bryce Arthur caught up with Benjamin Francis Leftwich ahead of his show at The Caves in Edinburgh. Benjamin is an incredibly interesting guy. He seems to exist somewhere else, as if you’re actually talking to a mystical astral projection of Benjamin Francis Leftwich. His chat is immediately intense, real and personal without a lot of preamble. This open attitude can sometimes verge on … Continue reading Benjamin Francis Leftwich on ‘Gratitude’

A pre-show chat with Super Inuit

Edinburgh-based electro-pop duo Super Inuit supported Swedish group Holy Now at Leith Depot last Friday and I went along for a chat with them before their set. The duo, made up of Brian Pokora and Fern Morris, told me the story behind their name, how they put together their music and what 2019 holds for them. We start by talking about their name. As I … Continue reading A pre-show chat with Super Inuit

The Japanese House on band names, touring and crafting her debut album

I ventured underground in Edinburgh’s most unusual venue, The Caves, to sit down with 23-year-old Amber Bain, more commonly known as The Japanese House. Amber is chilling in her makeshift green room in Marlin’s Wynd, a slightly smaller but just as impressive cave, with her incredibly handsome German Shepard Calvin who, Amber reveals, has his own fan-made Instagram page. After becoming mildly distracted by Calvin’s new … Continue reading The Japanese House on band names, touring and crafting her debut album

Interview: The Slow Readers Club

ENRG Music’s Bryce Arthur caught up with Manchester-born band The Slow Readers Club as they stopped off at Edinburgh’s own Liquid Rooms on their 47-date UK/Europe Tour.  The Slow Readers Club have a strange little history. Frontman Aaron Starkie was also leading man for early 2000s band Omerta (alongside current Slow Readers bassist James Ryan), who made three singles, all of which sold out fairly … Continue reading Interview: The Slow Readers Club

Preview: pod – Harry Bongo

Edinburgh-based musician Harry Bongo is set to release his new single pod next week. ENRG Music have had an exclusive first listen to pod ahead of its release on March 15th. Following the release of his self-titled debut album in 2016, which Harry describes as ‘contemporary classical’, his next release is a big undertaking. pod is made up of 4 parts that are produced in … Continue reading Preview: pod – Harry Bongo