Movies for Your Summer Bucket-List

Now that we find ourselves comfortably in the middle of July, it feels safe to say that summer has definitively arrived in Scotland. The thermometer is sitting above 10°C with some comforting regularity, that most days you can leave the house knowing a jacket or jumper probably won’t be necessary. Although experience should have taught you it’s always a smart move to bring one with … Continue reading Movies for Your Summer Bucket-List

Review: Assassination Nation

Set in modern day Harlem, Sam Levinson’s Assassination Nation is an unlikely dystopian horror, based around our social media obsessed society. The predominantly young cast bring to life our current concerns regarding the amount of information the internet has on us and the consequences of having this leaked to the rest of the world, which Levinson proceeds to present in a realistically gruesome manner. A … Continue reading Review: Assassination Nation

Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen are so gigantic it’s a surprise that a movie about them wasn’t made minutes after Freddie Mercury’s death.  I suppose there is a certain life-cycle that massive pop-culture phenomena have to follow before they get a movie – first come the ‘Greatest Hits’ albums, then documentaries, then finally they get the Hollywood biopic treatment. Bohemian Rhapsody is the last stage for Queen. Or should … Continue reading Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker – a new take on an iconic villain

Production is underway on DC Comics’ latest standalone film, a plot that focuses on an origin story of one of their most notorious villains – The Joker. While filming is in its early days, there has been plenty of test footage and ‘leaks’ revealed to the public giving an insight into Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the character. Those who are familiar with The Killing Joke … Continue reading Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker – a new take on an iconic villain