X: “A Quality On Screen That Was Mesmerising”

Seasoned horror movie director Ti West’s X was a perfect showcase of new age slasher and horror as it explores themes of sexual expression when a group of young filmmakers set out to shoot a porn film in the Texas bible-belt during the late 1970’s. X follows the young exotic dancer Maxine (Mia Goth) as she and her older boyfriend Wayne (Martin Henderson), along with … Continue reading X: “A Quality On Screen That Was Mesmerising”

Top 10 ‘Non-Christmas’ Christmas films

What makes a Christmas film? Is your favourite Christmas film even a Christmas film? Mine isn’t. Well at least not in the general sense of a festive film. These types of films are the ones that feature Santa, Elves, or other festivities.  We have the movies that are typically for the holiday season like Santa Clause, Nativity or Home Alone, but there are other films … Continue reading Top 10 ‘Non-Christmas’ Christmas films